Driving better community outcomes from renewable projects 

Partner with us! An exciting opportunity for one rural or regional community

The transformation of Australia’s energy system is underway, with regional communities playing a crucial role in hosting renewable energy and infrastructure projects. For communities to benefit and actively participate in this transformation, several challenges must first be addressed. 

Striking a New Deal (SaND) is a new initiative working directly with community leaders and key stakeholders to drive better outcomes from the development of renewable and infrastructure projects in our regions.

We’re providing resources and support to one community partner for a whole year

SaND will partner with one rural or regional body – a local council, association or organisation – to help your community drive better social and economic outcomes from energy projects in your area. 

Whether projects are yet to start, or right in the thick of it, we want to help you work with your community to build the capacity, find points of alignment and develop resources you need to advocate for your immediate and long-term needs.

The one-year program, from August 2024 to August 2025, will be co-designed by you depending on your needs, and the needs of your community. Community benefits can include:

We get it’s not easy to navigate the arrival of renewable energy and negotiate better outcomes for your community. And, from housing shortages to divisions between residents to impacts to nature, there could be multiple important issues to unpack along the way. Let’s work it out together, your way!

Register your Expression of Interest by 19 July 2024. For further information see our FAQs, below, or contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the selection process and project timeline?
  1. Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) form online by 19 July 2024 (the earlier the better!).
  2. On receipt of EOI, eligible hosts will be formally invited to apply by 26 July 2024
  3. Short-listed applicants will be interviewed in early August 2024.
  4. The project will run to August 2025.
Who is eligible to host the project?

We welcome applications from potential partners in any Australian rural or regional community with renewable energy or infrastructure projects planned or underway in your area. 

  • Strong ties to your community
  • Capacity to actively participate in a year-long process
  • An interest in addressing issues and maximising benefits from renewable or infrastructure projects in your community
What are the expectations and costs for the host council, organisation or association?

SaND will cover key costs associated with delivering the program, including:

  • Our time and expertise
  • Access to a national network of community leaders and experts
  • Basic costs of community engagement activities, including venue hire and catering
  • Engagement with industry and government and communication of project outcomes

The host will need a dedicated contact within their organisation to:

  • Work with us to design a program specific to their community
  • Provide links to key stakeholders and organisations within the region
  • Support the organisation of community workshops and meetings
  • Champion actions developed through the process

We estimate a two to three hour per week commitment from the contact over the 12-month period, with more time-intensive periods during engagement activities.

What are the benefits of hosting?

Hosting the project offers many benefits for you and your community. This includes:

  • Support and assistance to plan for and manage for projects in your region
  • Learn and apply key insights from across Australia to your region
  • Join a network of regional communities working towards best practices and positive outcomes nationwide.
How does this relate to other community engagement processes occurring in our region?  

This project takes a regional approach and works with community groups within a region to: understand each other’s diverse perspectives, to recognise the challenges and identify the opportunities. 

This work is important preparation for informed, constructive and productive participation in other community engagement processes occuring in the region and also in negotiations. 

By taking a regional approach, this work is place-based, strategic and practical, and is applicable to individual renewable project engagements through to broader REZ or Statewide engagements.

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More about Striking a New Deal

Striking a New Deal (SaND) is a joint initiative of nonprofits, The Next Economy, RE-Alliance, and the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal in partnership with ProjectsJSA. The community partnership is one of three key areas of the initiative which aims to:

  • Connect: A national network of regional leaders managing the rollout of large-scale renewables will share knowledge, experience and inform the development of a national, place-based approach adaptable for other communities.
  • Partner: For one year, we will support a selected regional or rural community partner with the resources, capacity and expertise to drive better outcomes from local projects.
  • Inform: With our community leaders, we will share our insights with industry and state and federal government to help inform future practices and policies.

We work with communities, governments and industry to build regional economies that are climate safe, regenerative and socially just.

We rely on contributions from generous foundations and individuals to do what we do. If you like to contribute to a fair and resilient Australia, support our work today.

We are a registered charity with the ACNC and accept tax deductible donations through the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.