Angela Heck 

Angela is Energy Program Director at The Next Economy, and has extensive experience in communications and awareness in the energy sector and across mitigation and adaptation strategies in the face of climate change.

For the past five years, Angela has facilitated multiple programs to reduce household carbon emissions, including working in household energy reduction across regional Queensland. She conducted communication consultations for Energy Networks nationally on demand tariff reform, and supported the development of a climate adaptive homes pilot with a national insurer.

Angela has prior experience at WWF-New Zealand and WWF-Australia contributing to the launch of the first WWF Earth Hour/ Lights Out initiative which decreased participants’ power use by 5%. This campaign still runs globally. Angela has an MBA specialising in sustainable environmental marketing and consumer behaviour and is passionate about improving sustainability and liveability outcomes for regional communities. She became a Climate Reality Leader in June 2019 and recently mentored the 2021 Brisbane trainees.

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